Small ideas continue to trap businesses into making costly mistakes. Let us work with you to see how to help break free with tools based around your business goals.


Allow us to help you empower your daily routine with projects designed to make your workday work for you. Free your creative employees to show their true potential!


Amazing User Experience is what we are all about. Creative, On-Time, and on Budget Projects & Solutions that that the work out of your workday.


Simply put, this is our favorite part. Our project managers, developers, and designers work with you in tight collaborative loops so that you get even more than expected.

Why People Choose us

We know the growing pains of a startup and are here for you. Most of our guys wear alot of hats, and we collaborate with Graphic Designers, Developers, Gamers, and anyone who eats technology for breakfast. We have technologists, wordsmiths, code gurus, and many others standing by ready to get as excited as you are to help you provide services to your customers that are amazing! Our projects start with a relationship and clear understanding of what we can do to help you succeed, then finish with a flexible solution designed for you.


  • Full Stack Development
  • Qualified Project Managers
  • Over 10 years of Experience

Alphabet Soup

  • AngularJS | JQuery | Lambda
  • C# | Unity3D | .Net | PHP
  • Sql | MySql | DynamoDB

Our Services

Our solutions are designed for you. Period. Our project managers work hard to learn your business, then communicate those needs to designers and product developers who in turn work with the software guys and ladies to create your innovative ideas. We fully support our software if any issues arise, or if you have more ideas later. Our development prices are fair, you are only billed for the hours or pricing models that you agreed to. You will not find hidden costs, fees, or penalties in our invoicing process. Simply put, no gimmicks, we are here for you.

Business Consulting

Just need to talk? Our process starts by listening, and its free! Logistics, Invoicing, or Customer Management, We got your back!

Product Development

This is where it starts getting good. Lets create something that also allows you to get excited about what your business can offer!

Serverless Cloud Based Solutions

As consultants / contractors, we love technolgy. Especially custom software solutions. Let us see what we can do together!

Full Stack Development

Our developers have worked on so many different types of projects, are enthralled with data, and are your customers best friend

Analytics / Simulators

Reports and reporting do not have to be boring, and we agree that data driven analytics can keep you from trouble.

Graphic Design / Logos / Branding

Your first impression is very important to us. Branding and what people think about your business?? Let us help you make all that our business.

TethraSolutions is here for you providing technology consulting and business services.

Start your first project with us today, let us know how we can help!

Recent Projects

Looking back at the things we have accomplished, the opportunities we have capitalized on, we are humbled at the ways we have grown and been able to help our customers seize their opportunities. Here are just a few of our favorites!